Dialogue in Action

Dialogue in Action

ALF HoN had an online meeting about the recent developments in the region, within the frame of ALF Mandate. Each HoN was given 2 minutes to make their proposal about the subject. Mr.Akçaer has stated the following on behalf of coordinators of ALF Turkiye.

When things are this hot, ALF could deliver messages of moderation. At this stage, it would be useful for President Princess Rym to give a message on behalf of all NGOs.

These sad developments once again reveal the importance of the two-state solution vision. We invite the parties to abandon the use of force without further delay and to work for a permanent solution in line with this vision.

A new guarantee option can be designed...the steps taken by parties for just peace must be guaranteed.

With a project called Dialogue in Action, each HoN can host a young person from the region under Erasmus internship at grass-root level.

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