Moltaqa Dawrak Başvurusu başladı

Moltaqa Dawrak Başvurusu başladı

Moltaqa Dawrak

Citizens for Dialogue Programme
“Moltaqa Dawrak”






Date: 1 – 2 December 2014, 
Alexandria – Egypt
Call for Participants

About the Dawrak – Citizens for Dialogue Programme

As a programme launched by the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) and financed by the EU in response to the changes which are taking place in the Euro-Mediterranean region, Dawrak – Citizens for Dialogue programme aims at facilitating the role of the young Arab leaders throughout the cultural and social changes in their countries.

Throughout its first phase (2012 – 2014) the programme has been a tool to bring together civil society practitioners for innovative Trainings, Exchanges and Communication Networks, and also facilitate opportunities of meeting with representatives of local, national and international Institutions to promote the culture of dialogue and active participation in public life and contributing to build open and plural societies. Moreover, the programme provides civil society organisations with Spaces, Opportunities and Tools for Intercultural Dialogue, Participation and Advocacy with their counterparts in the Arab region and the Euro-Mediterranean region.

During its implementation phase, several results have been achieved through different component:

  • 30 countries have been involved in total.
  • 79 beneficiaries have been involved in the Dawrak Exchange programme.
  • 11 journalists have been mobilized through the Journalists Routes and 12 institutions in 11 countries have been involved.
  • 5 capacity building trainings have taken place with 300 young professionals in Education, Arts for Change and Youth benefiting from them.
  • 6 activities on intercultural dialogue and partnerships have been promoted gathering 400 participants.
  • 4 national Network empowerment meetings have been delivered, and 2 more are being currently organized.
  • All Arab national Networks have been involved in the development of the programme, participating, hosting or organizing different activities of Dawrak.

About the Moltaqa


Moltaqa Dawrak will take place as a gathering for civil society organisations previously participating in the Dawrak programme and major actors in the intercultural dialogue field in Alexandria, Egypt from 1st to 2nd of December 2014, where the Foundation was established ten years ago. This event will be an occasion to present 3 pilot years of Dawrak – Citizens for Dialogue programme and its projects.


Moltaqa Dawrak has two main objectives:

  • Highlight the achievements of Dawrak after three years of implementation with ten Arab countries (2012-2014). This will be done through underlining from different components the inside success stories, the short falls and challenges faced during the implementation of the programme.
  • Envision the prospects of Dawrak through mobilization of ideas between civil society organisation, ALF partners, stakeholders and different ALF bodies, and enhancing the networking among different beneficiaries/stakeholders/decision makers


The Moltaqa will be based on participatory approach. The programme is developed on sharing the experience and the ideas,  visioning the future from the personal experiences and the key issues and challenges discovered in the implementation of Dawrak activities.

Each day parallel workshops will be held with the attendance of 20-30 pax for each. The workshops should be prepared in advance. The methodologies will be different depending on the objective.

“Success Stories – Parallel workshops based on the Success Stories developed through the implementation of Dawrak programme”

  • “Let’s Connect ! (Promoting Exchange)”
    • The workshop will serve as a meeting point to profit from each other’s experiences. Knowledge Exchange crossing Euro-Med borders to ideally see new possibilities to go ahead with projects and ideas.
  • “Citizenship Learning (Education tool kit simulation)”
    • Simulation/role playing for the exercises selected from the Education tool kit followed by an open discussion on the tools presented.
  • “Youth Move Locally” (Youth Participation in local life)”
    • The workshop will be based on the typologies and projects developed through the elaboration of the guide of youth participation in local dialogue.
  • “Youth in Dialogue (Young Arab Voices)”
    • The workshop will be focused on the tools of Young Arab Voices (YAV) programme used to increase young people’s skills for public debate.
  • Arts Reaching Society”
    • The workshop will be based on the projects and experiences developed through the training of Arts for Change and their impact in the society.

“Intercultural Exchange – Parallel workshops based on the main challenges identified through the implementation of Dawrak programme”

  • “Reaching Society and Identification of Beneficiaries”
    • How can we utilize new outreach tools and methodologies in order to fit to people’s needs and priorities?
  • ”Spaces for Dialogue”
    • How to support the development of spaces to promote new approaches for dialogue?
  • “Reporters Across Cultures”
    • How can we promote the role of the media facilitating Interculturality and openness to diversity?
  • “Experiencing Dialogue”
    • How intercultural encounter changed/challenged our perspective towards the Other?
  • “Intercultural Competences”
    • How can we benefit from the multicultural experiences in managing projects?

Project Ideas:

This part will be dedicated to present good project ideas whether developed and submitted during the implementation of the programme or identified through the call for participation reflecting the intercultural dialogue and the intercultural exchange.


The working language of the Dawrak – Citizens for Dialogue Moltaqa will be Arabic. French and/or English translation will be provided throughout the whole duration of the Moltaqa.

Selection procedure and Eligibility Criteria

Profile of Participants:

The participants should:

  • have knowledge/experience in the field of the selected workshop;
  • be able to present their organisation/ projects;
  • be strongly motivated to work and make a contribution to the Moltaqa;
  • be able to communicate in Arabic and/or English and/or French;
  • be able to participate during the full duration of the Moltaqa.


The selection committee at ALF Secretariat in close consultation with the ALF nationals Heads of Network will examine the applications received and select around 200 applicants (members and non-members):

• Around 175 will be nationals of one of the following 10 Arab countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco,  Tunisia) and Syrian citizens; who are active in civil society activities related to the ALF mission in the Euro Mediterranean Region.
ALF membership and/or previous participation in Dawrak activities is an asset.

• 25 other participants will be targeted among organisations and initiatives from other Euro Mediterranean countries who took part of the Dawrak activities over the past three years.

The selection of participants will be subject to the quality of applications received, while trying to ensure a geographical and gender balance.
The deadline for receiving applications is September 4, 2014 (15:00 Egypt Time – GMT+2)
To participate, Please fill in the following section, attach a copy of your passport

Kindly note that applications received after the deadline will not be taken into consideration and that only selected applicants will be notified by email on the 1st of October 2014.
For inquiries, please contact:


The ALF will cover all expenses related to travel, board, accommodation and visa of the selected participants

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